Monday, June 1, 2009

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

The next is a concentration camp in Germany. They have plenty of them around but this one is particularly famous.Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. Remember this lady? She is Anne Frank, the lady who wrote the book "Diary of Anne Frank".

Her memorial is in the camp, with a distinctive teddy bear on her memorial.
A view of the park in Bergen-Belsen.
Walls of the museum, does it look like a jail.
You will see plenty of humps of soil like this in the camp and the words, they say here rest 2500 causalities. Even after the war ended and the liberation of the camp, people still die of starvation in these camps. As the causality rates are too high and plus the dead people from before the liberation, the allied forces had no choice to dig a big hole and lay them to rest all together in these hump.

War is indeed scary. Lucky the Rein of Nazi is long gone.


This is the closest town you can find near our camp. This is Bergen, which people in Germany usually call it Bergen-Belsen. I got to learn from my German friend, Peter, that Bergen means hill in German.The town of Bergen. It was closing the end of winter that I took these photos. The flowers are about to bloom!
The railway of Bergen. My friend was crazy enough to run down to the bottom of hill to get this picture taken.
The sign of Bundesweer
I met this girl in a Italian shop in Bergen and I would try my best to marry this girl. They say to keep a man is through the stomach. And this lady had scored 11/10 for my stomach! She cook the best spaghetti in the whole of Germany. If I had a chance, I will go there once again just to try her cooking.


It will be the smaller towns of Germany that I will be talking on from now. This post will be dedicated to Soltau, one of the small towns near my camp.

As you know most of the sundays in town are usually dead, I was lucky to be around Soltau on a shopping sunday. The town was packed with people.
The busy Sunday morning of Soltau.

It was also start of spring time that I went, so there were many plum blossom tat time and the whole town was beautiful.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Welcome to Braunschweig this time.

In English, this city is called Brunswick. This is one city I ventured myself. At first sight as alighted from the train station, it was a boring sight. I was worried that I am going to be disappointed. Lucky thing is that it was just the city border.Bet you cant guess what this place is. Haha.

It is actually a shopping centre and it is a grand one.
The Cathedral of Braunschweig is awesome. This seven armed candle of Braunschwieg is of central importance in Christian Symbolism. Some of them are like the Seven Sacraments, the Seven Archangels and the list goes on. The front view of the candlelabra. It isn't Jesus on the cross. It was actually This man Victor who was known to have the holy face. The famous Braunschweig Lion, Henry.
They even had sewers with him on it. I guess it is almost everywhere in the city. The inside of another church I went. I cant remember the name though. Colourful street of Braunschweig. The Obelisk of Braunschweig. People having fun in Braunschweig.


Welcome to Frankfurt.

This is a city which is more commercialize than any other cities that I have been too. But certainly, there is still beauty within the commercialized city.
The first artistic bridge that I encounter in Frankfurt. The park by the river. With many girls running in the park, I am this park is a good place for a run. My friend and I at the park by the river. River view of the city. The city view is indeed nice that it looked like angels falling from the skies. Cool shots under the bridge.
No pooping by the park.

I will start with the artistic portion of Frankfurt before I head on to other.
This is the preserved Rathaus of Frankfurt.
The under-maintenance Cathedral.
We headed into a museum of alien and this is what we have got.
My friend frightened by the alien.
Myself attempting to make a call home.
Commerce street of Frankfurt. I did not venture into the area though.
Lastly the place is quite known for their red light district. It was just across the train station. This Dolly Buster Centre is a store that sold movies, and there was something very interesting inside. They have covered cubicles that will play porn movies and best of all, there is a box of tissue in every cubicles for... erm... you know what. Lol.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Welcome to Lübeck. A pity I do not have much time in this place. Pardon me if there is too little pictures on this beautiful city.
This is the famous gate of Lübeck. It is printed all over in their famous delicacy called the Marzipans. Maripans are almond coated chocolates. The handsome lion before the gate of Lübeck. The Rathaus of LübeckMore nice jumping shots.


Welcome to Lüneburg this time round, this is my favourite city of all cities that I have been in Lower Saxony. Beautiful city! That is me across the busy main street.The Rathaus of Lüneburg. Many gather and sit around to chill mainly because of the cool and low humidity weather. If it were in Singapore, you will never get such a sight.
This is me at the top of the water tower overlooking the whole of Lüneburg.
I told you I suck at jumping shots. My friends are better.
The churches here are beautiful. Take a look at their ceiling. They have posters of this picture selling at €8. I had it for free with my semi-dslr. Candles makes peaceful artifacts for pictures.
Nice pictures in the churches. Flowers too make beautiful scenery around the world. Lucky I was around there during spring. I am so loving Spring. I shall visit Europe again in Spring.

Some pictures that I though have beautiful contrast with colours.